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Permanent Staffing Solutions - what you can expect from us!

  • We will visit your premises to gain an understanding of the environment and culture of your business so we can get the ‘fit’ right.

  • We ask a lot of questions to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your requirements and the role.

  • In addition to searching our networks and databases, we will advertise your vacancy online to ensure we cover the entire market. We can arrange advertising in local and national newspapers at cost price if required.

  • We conduct comprehensive face to face  interviews with prospective candidates and send you a detailed written evaluation of each candidate we refer to you.

  • We complete skill based testing as required by the position and provide you with detailed results.

  • Profile testing is available at no additional cost if required.

  • Comprehensive reference checking of a candidate’s employment history is usually completed prior to presentation of a candidate to you and always completed prior to an offer of employment.

  • We will liaise between you and your short listed candidates to organise interview times, present offers of employment and confirm start dates.

Temporary Staffing Solutions



We have a fantastic pool of talented individuals ready to step in at a moments notice and provide professional business support cover for holiday leave, workflow overload, illness, maternity leave or those unexpected events.

Your temp will be employed by Neon, so you don’t have to worry about employment contracts, PAYE, ACC, Kiwisaver, or holiday pay and, there is no risk to you, if circumstances change. 

Our rates are competitive and our temps are carefully selected, tested and screened so you can be confident they will hit the ground running!

How To Find Self-Motivated Employees And Retain Them

This guide gives you important information in discovering how to recruit properly motivated employees and retain them. Much of what is mentioned within this guide may seem obvious, but you'll be amazed at how common it is for business owners and managers to overlook these factors. In following these steps you'll increase your chances of getting the right employees into your company to start with and retaining a highly focused, valued and happy workforce.

Engage professional recruiters to source self-motivated employees to start with: How? Engage a professional agency with the tools to out if candidates are truly self-motivated at the outset. Do not rely on your 'gut instinct' at this stage – only use that if you must after the final interview. If you can discover what actually drives your candidate deep-down and if their core values are really aligned with the type of role they are going for, it will make your life much easier. Some people have powerful key subconscious motivators (their value drivers), such as money, career, status, knowledge, design, charitable, aesthetic or regulatory factors. Only one or two of these will be their natural dominant sub-conscious drivers, their powerful 'why?'. Employing people who are truly self-motivated means you will not need to repeatedly 'poke' or 'prod' them to perform or to achieve because their inner motivation will do that. It will be doubly powerful if this is also aligned with their job role. This is what defines a self-motivated person and there are few to be found – perhaps just 10% are truly self-motivated (burning desire level) and another 10% slightly less so. There is a well known principle that predicts that 80% of your sales and success will be due to 20% of your people and it seems pretty obvious why this is. Neon Consultants use a comprehensive system to discover who the right and correctly motivated people are for their particular roles, improve the quality of your employees and the harmony within your workforce. If the 'WHY' is powerful the 'HOW' becomes easy!

Now that you have your new employee it is vital to manage them to reach their potential

  1. Explain the 'big' picture and purpose of your company: Employees should be inducted into the company with the company's aim, purpose or mission statement made clear from the start. They must also be reminded of this regularly. They should be precisely informed on how their role will help towards delivering or improving the overall aim no matter how small its impact. If you don't have a clearly defined aim or mission statement, then how will any of your employees know what the objectives of the company are? A simple and easy to learn statement with the main focus of your business must be made known to all employees. It's the blood that runs through your company's veins. Each employee's role within their department impacts on other departments and contributes towards the overall objectives of the company. The realisation of the importance of their role within the company will motivate them not let others down, will create positive synergy between departments and drive your company forward with a unified focus.
  2. Provide measurable objectives and get feedback: Providing your employees with clearly written measurable objectives, ongoing direction and the opportunity for feedback will reap great rewards. Explain to employees how you will measure their progress and review and revise this on a weekly or monthly basis with their goals or targets made clear. Employees want and need both positive and negative feedback so they know what you think of them, understand how they can improve and deliver what is required. In having regular reviews and a reporting structure you will ensure the constant development of your business, instil a sense of value in your employees and keep your business finely tuned.
  3. Empower your employees: Give your employees specific tasks or responsibilities to be in charge of. Empower them to help define the scope of their position, oversee meetings or plan an event. Giving an employee a sense of purpose and responsibility will enable them to feel they have a valued place within the company. It will also allow for a more collaborative working environment.
  4. Ensure 'fun' is part of your company's culture: This can be accomplished through more social activities, team outings or networking opportunities. Give employees the responsibility of planning a staff outing or event at least once per month, which enables great team bonding and provides employees with the chance to get to know their colleagues. It will further solidify the value that each and every employee plays within the company. You don't have to spend a fortune, there are imaginative ways to achieve team bonding from providing a few drinks on a Friday evening to fully organised 'fun' team events.
  5. Use their talents to the full: Make the most of your employees' talents even if these are not part of or required of their job role. For example, if the employee has artistic skills, put these to use with a staff event or even with assisting in a marketing campaign. People excel at what they are passionate about. Therefore, harnessing every part of the employee's skill-set will gain you far more than you ever would if they remained one dimensional and restricted within their role.
  6. Give them something to shout about: Allow for employees to carry out tasks which they can be enthused about or even brag about. Whilst in social circles away from work, employees enjoy the opportunity to talk with friends about something they have positively contributed to at work. This will not only add even more value to the employee's place within the company but will ensure that they are far more likely to turn up to work on Monday morning, be proud of the company they work for and stay with you for the long term - happy and content in their job.
  7. Never forget why people work: Your employees may love you, your company and their job. However, you must never ever forget why people go to work. It is normally so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour. Never forget this and make sure they are well rewarded (when they deserve it) and do actually give them some good time off to enjoy it!